Cartoons about Public Speaking

Cartoons to poke fun at some of the painful truths of public speaking.

These are seven humorous video cartoons on some of the common problems with public speakers.

The Long Sermon

The Long Sermon cartoons




How does a congregation feel about those long sermons?


The Heckler

the-Heckler cartoons
There is nothing fun about a heckler in your audience




The Military Uses PowerPoint

Military_uses_PowerPoint cartoons


Is your PowerPoint show torturing your audience?




Landslide Victories

landslide_victoriesHow does this politician do it?





Criminal Practices

criminal_practicesDon’t be caught breaking these laws of Public Speaking.





The After Dinner Speaker


This speaker could use some coaching about giving a talk after dinner.





The Budget  Talk

The_budget_talkFind out how this gentleman’s boss felt about his budget talk.

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