Public Speaking – Handling an Awkward Moment with Grace

expect the unexpected

I recently had an opportunity to practice a public speaking skill by handling an awkward moment. The #1 Rule As  Lilly Walters instructs, “Remember our motto. Expect the unexpected,” it is important to be prepared for jams, mix-ups, and mistakes. … Continue reading

Avoid Computer Updates While Presenting

image of a computer screen updating

Scheduling when updates occur will avoid disruptive computer updates while presenting. I have a page on this site devoted to “J” – for “JAMS. “   It explains common things that can occur while doing a presentation and offers suggestions … Continue reading

Hand Gestures when Speaking

Hands are an important part of body language when speaking. In his book titled, Nonverbal Communication,  the leading Californian researcher Albert Mehrabian claims facial expressions are almost eight times as powerful as the words used. That words only count for … Continue reading

Get the Quote Right

Reading an article about a keynote address I had delivered was my first strong awareness of how important it is to get the quote right.   The year was 1998, and I delivered a closing keynote address to wrap up … Continue reading

Three Lectern Etiquette Tips to Avoid What Travolta did at the Oscars

John Travolta became legendary in March 2014 – but for the wrong reason.  Here are three lectern etiquette tips to avoid what Travolta did at the Oscars. The singer’s name is Idina Menzel’s, but introduced by John Travolta as “Adele Dazeem.” … Continue reading

Spook Your Audience by Speaking Overtime

This Halloween (or any time)  spook and perhaps even strike terror in your audience by speaking overtime.   Speaking Overtime is an easy way to sabotage your talk and your reputation In my 25+ years as a speaker one thing I’ve learned … Continue reading

Public Speaking Cartoon – The Budget Talk

You don’t want to be told THIS after completing a talk!       Here are some posts that can help you avoid putting your audience asleep and getting les than life-giving feedback! Any of the techniques used by Dr. … Continue reading

Message in a Parable about Two Old Maids and a Cat

In the post titled parables when speaking, I shared one of my favorite parables about two old maids and a cat. It is based on a joke I heard long ago and embellished with elements from my own life.  I have  used … Continue reading

Memory Lapse when Speaking

The classic, resourceful and FUNNY book titled What to Say When. . .You’re Dying on the Platform written by Lilly Walters has great suggestions on how to prevent memory lapses  and what to do when they happen. How it can happen: Under-prepared Sidetracked … Continue reading

Nervousness when Speaking

When asked to speak, many people respond with, “Oh, I could never do that! I’d be too nervous.” It seems that the feeling of unease itself constitutes a large part of the fear of public speaking. People just don’t want … Continue reading

Lectern Etiquette

Lectern etiquette. It’s hard to note the specifics of it when it is present only that you feel comfortable. And when it is not, you don’t.   Lectern etiquette is important because, unconsciously, the lectern represents control central. has a … Continue reading

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