Avoid Computer Updates While Presenting

image of a computer screen updating

Scheduling when updates occur will avoid disruptive computer updates while presenting. I have a page on this site devoted to “J” – for “JAMS. “   It explains common things that can occur while doing a presentation and offers suggestions … Continue reading

Hand Gestures when Speaking

Hands are an important part of body language when speaking. In his book titled, Nonverbal Communication,  the leading Californian researcher Albert Mehrabian claims facial expressions are almost eight times as powerful as the words used. That words only count for … Continue reading

Get the Quote Right

Reading an article about a keynote address I had delivered was my first strong awareness of how important it is to get the quote right.   The year was 1998, and I delivered a closing keynote address to wrap up … Continue reading

Three Lectern Etiquette Tips to Avoid What Travolta did at the Oscars

John Travolta became legendary in March 2014 – but for the wrong reason.  Here are three lectern etiquette tips to avoid what Travolta did at the Oscars. The singer’s name is Idina Menzel’s, but introduced by John Travolta as “Adele Dazeem.” … Continue reading

  • Photographs for your Presentations

    Photographs for your presentations