Get the Quote Right

Reading an article about a keynote address I had delivered was my first strong awareness of how important it is to get the quote right.   The year was 1998, and I delivered a closing keynote address to wrap up … Continue reading

Clarity When Speaking

I recently witnessed two presentations that reminded me of the importance of clarity when speaking.     One of the definitions of clarity on is:  “Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.” This is what you want to achieve when practicing and delivering your speech. … Continue reading

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure as a Speaker

Don’t set yourself up for failure as a speaker by not being fully prepared to use PowerPoint   My final post for 2013 (besides the one announcing I was taking a break so I could complete my book on hearing … Continue reading

Check Plan for Speaking Success

Here is a handy one minute check plan for speaking success In my recent post with seven great speaking quotes I referred to the “Pocket Cards for Speakers” created by Jacob M. Braude.  They are long out of print but … Continue reading

PowerPoint Slides

Steve Job Powerpoint

I discuss the use of PowerPoint slides in the D is for Delivery page, and this is the suggestion I made: PowerPoint Slides When possible, do not turn your back to the audience to read the screen. 3 bullet points work best, … Continue reading

Speech Timing Word Count

speech timing

Knowing how much time you have and figuring how many words per minute that equals helps you prepare the content of your talk.   A fifteen-twenty minute speech is approximately 2,000 words. Below is a sample format for a typical 10-15 … Continue reading

Analyze your Audience – What Do They Already Know?

Analyze Your Audience

In this post, I am sharing a recent experience when I did not analyze my audience more thoroughly.   To motivate your audience, present your message so that it addresses their pressing needs and interests. People listen to what affects … Continue reading

  • Photographs for your Presentations

    Photographs for your presentations