Clothes Patterns, Fabrics and High Definition Cameras

I recently taped a training titled, “Dress to Connect” delivered by retired costume designer Karen Hudson.

Karen Hudson, the author of an outstanding book titled,  Dressed to Speak,  was the costume designer sfor a popular TV show in the 1970’s called Hill Street Blues.  She gives very insightful workshops that demonstrate how clothes affect how people receive you.  I have posted several videos in a playlist from that training on YouTube. The video below is from the segment of the training whereby Karen talks about how fabric types and patterns can impact the way you appear to your audience, and how you appear on high definition cameras.

In this day of video EVERYWHERE, it is imperative to understand how high definition cameras see the clothes that we wear. Here is the video on YouTube that addresses the specific topic of patterns and fabric:

Patterns and Fabrics and High Definition Camera


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