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Photos are so valuable for presentations. Why? A photo is worth a thousand words.  And we, as public speakers, know how valuable it is to save words!  Photos also are great for conveying an idea, concept, metaphor.  A slide show of beautiful images playing while your audience makes themselves comfortable sets the tone before you even step on stage.

If you are wishing for photographs or images to create your own image quotes, use in a slide presentation, or to create a special message to someone you care about without losing your wallet,  here is an incredible source for you:

Public Domain Images at

Free to download: Give credit to the photographer/contributor (To give me credit, copy this text and add it to the post or page where you used it:;  A small donation via PayPal is appreciated but not necessary. So far I have over 2,000 photos posted and 150,000 downloads.  When you download a photo for free,  you are getting a small, low resolution photo. That means if you make it larger, it will become pixilated and no longer sharp.  A Premium Download entitles you to high resolution images for as little as $5.99 for 100 photos. Now that’s a good deal.


Dreamstime is also an excellent resource for high quality professional photos for your presentations. Friend and business partner Circe Denyer has a nice assortment of photos on her Dreamstime account.

Most of the photographs from my Public Domain Pictures and Dreamstime account can be found on my Pinterest page.
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  • Photographs for your Presentations

    Photographs for your presentations