The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Video Testimonial of Your Love

They say home made gifts are the best gifts to receive. I agree!  Especially the ultimate Mother’s Day gift video testimonial of your love When I was going through my mom’s things after she passed away, I was moved to tears … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person with Jokes

jokes during a roast

Exaggerate a kernel of truth with jokes during a roast.    The Roast is to include jokes and anecdotes from other sources to apply to the honored guest. The myth, revisited In a previous post  I talked about the myth that makes roasts unpleasant. … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – The Myth

There are myths surrounding doing a roast about a person that can ruin all the fun.   Dispelling the Myth I’m sure you, as so many of my students have confessed, have sat through roasts and squirmed in discomfort.  Why … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – A Unique Tribute

Roast and Boast – a unique way to pay tribute to a special leader, employer, employee, relative or friend – if done correctly.   Roast and Boasts Claim to Fame I think the roast and boast was raised to fame by the … Continue reading

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