Three Lectern Etiquette Tips to Avoid What Travolta did at the Oscars

John Travolta became legendary in March 2014 – but for the wrong reason.  Here are three lectern etiquette tips to avoid what Travolta did at the Oscars. The singer’s name is Idina Menzel’s, but introduced by John Travolta as “Adele Dazeem.” … Continue reading

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure as a Speaker

Don’t set yourself up for failure as a speaker by not being fully prepared to use PowerPoint   My final post for 2013 (besides the one announcing I was taking a break so I could complete my book on hearing … Continue reading

Challenges with PowerPoint

As the President of the Toastmasters District 52 Golden Gavel Club and Chairman of the Speakers Bureau, I see lots of challenges when it comes to PowerPoint. Rather than enhancing one’s talk, it injures it! In Toastmasters, many Districts have … Continue reading

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    Photographs for your presentations