Get the Quote Right

Reading an article about a keynote address I had delivered was my first strong awareness of how important it is to get the quote right.   The year was 1998, and I delivered a closing keynote address to wrap up … Continue reading

Master Communicator – President Ronald Reagan

Master Communicator President Ronald Reagan kept note cards of quotes and words of wit and wisdom he later incorporated into his speeches. We recently took a trip to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Southern California.  The library is … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking by the CEO of Stew Leonards

When it comes to good public speaking topics, I think quotes about public speaking by the CEO of Stew Leonards hits the nail on the head: Never give a speech on something unless it is something you like yourself.   … Continue reading

Quotations about Quotes

Quotations are powerful tools for speaking – and living! I believe in the power of quotes.  Quotes are an extremely effective tool to enhance one’s talk. So much so that I have a web site devoted to quotes. For fun I looked … Continue reading

Q is for Quotes

Quotes in Public Speaking

 You never have to be alone in defending your ideas – quote others who agree! – Linnaea   Add power and punch to your talks.  Use quotes! Quotes are one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance … Continue reading

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