Clarity When Speaking

I recently witnessed two presentations that reminded me of the importance of clarity when speaking.     One of the definitions of clarity on is:  “Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.” This is what you want to achieve when practicing and delivering your speech. … Continue reading

Speaking After Dinner Cartoon

The speaking after dinner cartoon depicts what one doesn’t want to do when addressing an audience who has just finished eating. What is especially uncomfortable for me, as a person often sitting up front and close to speakers due to … Continue reading

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure as a Speaker

Don’t set yourself up for failure as a speaker by not being fully prepared to use PowerPoint   My final post for 2013 (besides the one announcing I was taking a break so I could complete my book on hearing … Continue reading

Speaker Promo Reels

Speaker promo reels showcase your talent to prospective clients. I think everyone should have a promo reel.  A promo reel is different than having talks you’ve given posted on YouTube.  A promo reel (also known as “sizzle reels”) is a … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – Milo O. Frank

This quote about public speaking comes from the author of a book that has been in publication for over 20 years 30 seconds can change the direction of your career and your life. – Milo O. Frank Milo O. Frank … Continue reading

Spook Your Audience by Speaking Overtime

This Halloween (or any time)  spook and perhaps even strike terror in your audience by speaking overtime.   Speaking Overtime is an easy way to sabotage your talk and your reputation In my 25+ years as a speaker one thing I’ve learned … Continue reading

Public Speaking Cartoon – The Budget Talk

You don’t want to be told THIS after completing a talk!       Here are some posts that can help you avoid putting your audience asleep and getting les than life-giving feedback! Any of the techniques used by Dr. … Continue reading

Your Million Dollar Message

What is the message written on your heart that the world is waiting to hear? – Maurice DiMino Maurice DiMino is The Sicilian Mentor.  Maurice is an award winning speaker, published author and mentor.  He created the “Sicilian Mentor Presentation … Continue reading

Public speaking as a youth is not always a tragic ending – Linnaea Mallette

In a previous post we see how public speaking as a youth not only saved the life of professional speaker and seminar leader Maurice DiMino – it changed it. I had the same experience.  When in Junior High I was … Continue reading

Public speaking as a youth is not always a tragic ending – Maurice DiMino

Many, many blame their fear of public speaking on some humiliating event that happened to them when young – usually in school. They never got over it. But it isn’t always that way.  In the following two posts I share … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Quote about Public Speaking

No quotes about public speaking would be complete without words of wisdom from Tony Robbins! Give more to your audience than they have any right to expect.-Tony Robbins I saw Tony Robbins once at a Toastmaster Convention in San Diego. … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking-Mark Twain

Here is a public speaking quote from one of the most amazing storytellers of all time, Mark Twain   It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. -Mark Twain   Lets see what Wikipedia has … Continue reading

Clothes Count When Speaking

dress to connect with your audience

Are your clothes saying something different than what YOU are saying? Clothes Count When Speaking!    Everything you wear should compliment the purpose of the meeting or the interaction among people. – Tom Kirby I’ve lost count the number of … Continue reading

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