Hand Gestures when Speaking

Hands are an important part of body language when speaking. In his book titled, Nonverbal Communication,  the leading Californian researcher Albert Mehrabian claims facial expressions are almost eight times as powerful as the words used. That words only count for … Continue reading

Ted Talk Joshua Prager

Ted Talk with Joshua Prager is a showcase of extraordinary storytelling In a previous post I promised to do a few posts about the 7 newsworthy talks Toastmasters International selected for 2013.  In that same post I kicked off the … Continue reading

Parables when Speaking

parables when speaking

Parables when speaking help the audience to understand and remember what you are saying. Because the quote by George Bernard Shaw is SO true, that is “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” parables, analogies … Continue reading

Memory Lapse when Speaking

The classic, resourceful and FUNNY book titled What to Say When. . .You’re Dying on the Platform written by Lilly Walters has great suggestions on how to prevent memory lapses  and what to do when they happen. How it can happen: Under-prepared Sidetracked … Continue reading

Nervousness when Speaking

When asked to speak, many people respond with, “Oh, I could never do that! I’d be too nervous.” It seems that the feeling of unease itself constitutes a large part of the fear of public speaking. People just don’t want … Continue reading

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