Easy Template for Organizing Your Speech

Strong speech organization is a way to put your ideas together in an orderly manner, which helps the audience to understand and follow your thoughts.   A few days ago I was purging stuff from closets in my garage and … Continue reading

Check Plan for Speaking Success

Here is a handy one minute check plan for speaking success In my recent post with seven great speaking quotes I referred to the “Pocket Cards for Speakers” created by Jacob M. Braude.  They are long out of print but … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – Summary

In this post, we summarize what we learned about preparing and delivering a Roast and Boast for Arnold Schwarzenegger.   The Roast and Boast as a unique way to honor someone special The myth about Roasts that takes all the … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – Cautions

There are some cautions one should take when preparing to deliver a roast. In a previous post we came up with a list of things we know about Arnold. While many of them are true, we aren’t sure, in a … Continue reading

Quotes About Public Speaking – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Quote about Public Speaking

A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.- Winston Churchill One of the things I love MOST about Winston Churchill is his intelligent wit, as demonstrated in this … Continue reading

Quotes About Public Speaking – George Jessel

George Jessel Quote

Quotes about public speaking – George Jessel – THE master of ceremonies   If you don’t strike oil in three minutes, stop boring. – George Jessel  According to Wikipedia: George Jessel: “…was an American illustrated song “model,” actor, singer, songwriter, … Continue reading

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