I was recently invited to speak at the Toastmasters club that meets at the DreamWorks Disney Animation Campus in Glendale California.  The title of my talk was “Speaker-Leader-Author” The purpose of the gathering was an open-house to showcase how a Toastmasters meeting, … Continue reading

Speaking After Dinner Cartoon

The speaking after dinner cartoon depicts what one doesn’t want to do when addressing an audience who has just finished eating. What is especially uncomfortable for me, as a person often sitting up front and close to speakers due to … Continue reading

Easy Template for Organizing Your Speech

Strong speech organization is a way to put your ideas together in an orderly manner, which helps the audience to understand and follow your thoughts.   A few days ago I was purging stuff from closets in my garage and … Continue reading

Check Plan for Speaking Success

Here is a handy one minute check plan for speaking success In my recent post with seven great speaking quotes I referred to the “Pocket Cards for Speakers” created by Jacob M. Braude.  They are long out of print but … Continue reading

Why Toastmasters Part 2

Why Toastmasters? The foundation for public speaking success in is in the Toastmaster club experience In Why Toastmasters part one I shared my take on how it is Toastmasters changes lives – ending with the fact that in the corporate environment it is … Continue reading

Why Toastmasters Part 3

Why Toastmasters? You become a listener and a leader   A surprise to most Toastmaster members is how they become leaders. You become a leader, or at least perceived as one, when you become a good communicator. Toastmasters International realized … Continue reading

Public speaking as a youth is not always a tragic ending – Linnaea Mallette

In a previous post we see how public speaking as a youth not only saved the life of professional speaker and seminar leader Maurice DiMino – it changed it. I had the same experience.  When in Junior High I was … Continue reading

The Dream Speech by Dr. King Part 2

In “The Dream Speech by Dr. King Part 1” we examined three of six public speaking jewels utilized in the speech delivered to nearly a quarter million people who gathered for the Civil Rights March in 1963. The three jewels … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – Summary

In this post, we summarize what we learned about preparing and delivering a Roast and Boast for Arnold Schwarzenegger.   The Roast and Boast as a unique way to honor someone special The myth about Roasts that takes all the … Continue reading

Doing a Roast about a Person – Cautions

There are some cautions one should take when preparing to deliver a roast. In a previous post we came up with a list of things we know about Arnold. While many of them are true, we aren’t sure, in a … Continue reading

Quotes About Public Speaking – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Quote about Public Speaking

A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.- Winston Churchill One of the things I love MOST about Winston Churchill is his intelligent wit, as demonstrated in this … Continue reading

Quotes About Public Speaking – George Jessel

George Jessel Quote

Quotes about public speaking – George Jessel – THE master of ceremonies   If you don’t strike oil in three minutes, stop boring. – George Jessel  According to Wikipedia: George Jessel: “…was an American illustrated song “model,” actor, singer, songwriter, … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – James Roosevelt

James Roosevelt quote about public speaking

Quotes about public speaking must surely include politicians! James Roosevelt was quite a politician.   My father gave me these tips on speech making. Be sincere, be brief and be seated. – James Roosevelt Who is James Roosevelt? Is he … Continue reading

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