Importance of Storytelling for Persuasive Speaking

Storytelling in Public Speaking

Last night I attended an evaluation contest and appreciated the emphasis placed on storytelling for persuasive speaking Toastmasters Evaluations One of the hallmarks of the Toastmasters program is evaluations. Each speaker in a club receives feedback, both written and oral, after delivering a … Continue reading

Why do a Roast about a Person?

In this post, we will examine WHY bother to do roasts and boasts? As a public speaker, especially if you are in Toastmasters, the roast gives you  a great opportunity to develop the skills that go into effective speech making. We’ll examine … Continue reading

S is for Storytelling

Storytelling in Public Speaking

Most people are more deeply influenced by one clear, vivid, personal example than by an abundance of statistical data. – Eliot Aronson, Social Psychologist Successful speakers use stories to illustrate their point. And some of these successful speakers have made … Continue reading

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    Photographs for your presentations