Hand Gestures when Speaking

Hands are an important part of body language when speaking. In his book titled, Nonverbal Communication,  the leading Californian researcher Albert Mehrabian claims facial expressions are almost eight times as powerful as the words used. That words only count for … Continue reading

Speaking After Dinner Cartoon

The speaking after dinner cartoon depicts what one doesn’t want to do when addressing an audience who has just finished eating. What is especially uncomfortable for me, as a person often sitting up front and close to speakers due to … Continue reading

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure as a Speaker

Don’t set yourself up for failure as a speaker by not being fully prepared to use PowerPoint   My final post for 2013 (besides the one announcing I was taking a break so I could complete my book on hearing … Continue reading

Check Plan for Speaking Success

Here is a handy one minute check plan for speaking success In my recent post with seven great speaking quotes I referred to the “Pocket Cards for Speakers” created by Jacob M. Braude.  They are long out of print but … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – Milo O. Frank

This quote about public speaking comes from the author of a book that has been in publication for over 20 years 30 seconds can change the direction of your career and your life. – Milo O. Frank Milo O. Frank … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – George Bernard Shaw

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken  place. – George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw is my hero. Why? Because this quote of his s my absolute all time favorite quote. Why? BECAUSE IT … Continue reading

Quotes about Public Speaking – James Roosevelt

James Roosevelt quote about public speaking

Quotes about public speaking must surely include politicians! James Roosevelt was quite a politician.   My father gave me these tips on speech making. Be sincere, be brief and be seated. – James Roosevelt Who is James Roosevelt? Is he … Continue reading

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