A Memorable Memorial Service thanks to Toastmasters


I recently participated in a memorial service for a fellow Toastmaster. Remembering Dick Churchill The gentleman who passed on November 18, 2016, is Richard (Dick) Churchill.  He was a member of Toastmasters for close to 50 years.*   He even met the founder … Continue reading

Importance of Storytelling for Persuasive Speaking

Storytelling in Public Speaking

Last night I attended an evaluation contest and appreciated the emphasis placed on storytelling for persuasive speaking Toastmasters Evaluations One of the hallmarks of the Toastmasters program is evaluations. Each speaker in a club receives feedback, both written and oral, after delivering a … Continue reading

10 Irish Toasts for St. Patrick’s Day

Toasting is an important part of any celebration, and these toasts are of special significance among the Irish – Past International Toastmaster President Ted Corcoran, from Dublin, Ireland.   In 2003-04, I served as the District Governor for Toastmasters District 52.  … Continue reading

Face the Fear of Public Speaking

Make this year, the year you face the fear of public speaking. Fear, Public Speaking. It is debilitating and a significant reason to not move forward in careers and business. Overcoming it can be easy. Imagine yourself knowing that you never … Continue reading

Award Winning Book about the Power of Public Speaking

I am honored to have a chapter in an award winning book about the power of public speaking.   The book is titled “The Heart of a Toastmaster” an anthology of true stories for and about Toastmasters.  The book WON the 2014 International … Continue reading


I was recently invited to speak at the Toastmasters club that meets at the DreamWorks Disney Animation Campus in Glendale California.  The title of my talk was “Speaker-Leader-Author” The purpose of the gathering was an open-house to showcase how a Toastmasters meeting, … Continue reading

Speaking After Dinner Cartoon

The speaking after dinner cartoon depicts what one doesn’t want to do when addressing an audience who has just finished eating. What is especially uncomfortable for me, as a person often sitting up front and close to speakers due to … Continue reading

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure as a Speaker

Don’t set yourself up for failure as a speaker by not being fully prepared to use PowerPoint   My final post for 2013 (besides the one announcing I was taking a break so I could complete my book on hearing … Continue reading

Challenges with PowerPoint

As the President of the Toastmasters District 52 Golden Gavel Club and Chairman of the Speakers Bureau, I see lots of challenges when it comes to PowerPoint. Rather than enhancing one’s talk, it injures it! In Toastmasters, many Districts have … Continue reading

Public Speaking Cartoon – The Budget Talk

You don’t want to be told THIS after completing a talk!       Here are some posts that can help you avoid putting your audience asleep and getting les than life-giving feedback! Any of the techniques used by Dr. … Continue reading

Why Toastmasters Part 2

Why Toastmasters? The foundation for public speaking success in is in the Toastmaster club experience In Why Toastmasters part one I shared my take on how it is Toastmasters changes lives – ending with the fact that in the corporate environment it is … Continue reading

Why Master Public Speaking?

  I’ve done a couple of posts on the amazing public speaking trainer, Maurice DiMino. One is his experience as a youth, the other is about your million dollar message. When Maurice DiMino  was a guest while I had a … Continue reading

Public speaking as a youth is not always a tragic ending – Linnaea Mallette

In a previous post we see how public speaking as a youth not only saved the life of professional speaker and seminar leader Maurice DiMino – it changed it. I had the same experience.  When in Junior High I was … Continue reading

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