Video Demonstrating Body Language

I recently videotaped training facilitated by Karen Hudson, a retired Hollywood costume designer. There I saw a marvelous demonstration of body language.

Karen was invited to glean understanding to the practitioners the impact clothes have on how they look and appear.  The impetus behind the training was the fact that the church had initiated live streaming.  Now everyone was on video for the world to see.

Part of the training included each person giving a 2-minute speech so they could be evaluated by dress and by delivery.  One of the staff ministers, Reverend Elizabeth  Schneider, did a knock-out demonstration of the power of body language.

  • In his book titled, Nonverbal Communication,  the leading Californian researcher Albert Mehrabian claims facial expressions are almost eight times as powerful as the words used. That words only count for 7% of our message. And that 55% of our message is conveyed by our body language.
  •  Professor Ray Birdwhistell of the University of Louisville found that in face-to-face conversations two-thirds of the communication takes place non-verbally.

As a professional speaker AND as a person who is hearing impaired,  I am acutely aware of the importance of body language.  Body language helps me to understand what a person is saying to me. Body language helps my audience understand what I am saying to them.  Body language impacts my presence.  Body language impacts YOUR presence. On or off stage, body language matters.

Reverend Elizabeth demonstrated what she learned from a current best seller book titled, Presence, Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy.  The power of body language is dramatically illustrated by this short talk.  The video is here.

Body Language




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