A Most Embarrassing Moment

anything in my teeth image

Image from Hallmark Cards Studio 2018

Many years ago I was serving as the Toastmaster at a meeting. Dinner was first. Then I got up to do my duty. I joked, smiled, smiled, smiled. Really hammed it up. You know how us Toastmasters can be.

This went on for 75 minutes.

Imagine the horror I felt when I got home and smiled at myself in the mirror! I had enough spinach in my teeth to make a salad.

…and no one told me. Would you have said something? I would have said something no matter who it was – unless I secretly disliked the person.

In any event, it is best to check your teeth or ask someone you trust if you are “clean” before speaking after eating. And it might be wise to stay away from spinach!

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