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Kiss_Speaking_Tips_HeaderK.I.S.S. Speaking Tips is about having a resource for speakers, Toastmasters, occasional spokespersons and anyone having to give a talk, presentation, roast or boast. Public speaking anxiety is the number one fear in America. As a veteran of Toastmasters International, I have seen many levels of fear in individuals. I watched them be  transformed by learning key skills and getting support. It is from this vast knowledge and experience that I built this site to share with you.

K.I.S.S.  stands for Knowledge Impacts Speaking Success

We strive to be a speaker’s resource. Do you need help with a roast you are giving to a retiring manager, co-worker or friend? You want to do this talk right and be remembered for the right reason. You want to commemorate with dignity while bringing great humor to the occasion.

You may be the person having to deliver a Toast for a best friend’s wedding, a eulogy or a company presentation. Many times these kind of talks are not planned and can create great distress and anxiety in the speaker. Our site can give you the direction and the tools to deliver these talks eloquently.

The material in this website contains training and example videos as well as How-To articles and advice.

We are about providing material, resources, tools, training and time-saving downloads for speakers. Both one-time and seasoned professional speakers will find something here to boost their experience to KISS level.

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