Avoid Computer Updates While Presenting

Scheduling when updates occur will avoid disruptive computer updates while presenting.

image of a computer screen updating

I have a page on this site devoted to “J” – for “JAMS. “   It explains common things that can occur while doing a presentation and offers suggestions for how to handle those snafus.

Here is an extra tip that is a real jam if it happens while delivering a slide show:   computer updates. 

Awkward moments

More than once I’ve witnessed a presenter struggling with a slide show while the computer is doing automatic updates.  It usually results in a SLOW show or complete shutdown.  It is disruptive to a presentation and embarrassing for the presenter.

Avoid this scenario by checking  your computer to see when updates occur.  If using someone else’s computer, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if the updates are automatic, and if so, when they occur.  

Check to see when updates occur

My good friend and business partner, Circe Denyer has begun a series of “I Don’t” book to help people have a better user experience with their computers.  The first in the series is titled, “I Don’t Updates…but you should.”  In that handy little handbook  offers the following about updates:

 The computer will often reboot after an update. Scheduling your update time assures you will not be surprised by the computer rebooting in the middle of something important.

Updates for all versions except version 10 can be set to:

• download but not installed until you do it yourself
• download and installed at a certain time of the day
• Be manually downloaded and installed.

The default setting is automatically receive updates and is set for 3:00 am.

Windows® 10 does not have user settings for these controls. You can tweak it, but it is not obvious. The controls you do have in version 10 allow you to set your normal computer use time and Windows® will do updates but not reboot the computer during that time.

With Mac computers, you must manually perform updates.


In summary, check when your updates occur, and for heaven’s sake, DO those updates.  To understand why – I recommend Circe’s book.  It is available FOR FREE in Kindle form for five days beginning Sunday, November 20th.  The paperback version will be available on Amazon beginning November 28th. 

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