Face the Fear of Public Speaking

Make this year, the year you face the fear of public speaking.

Closeup of a microphone on a lectern, the image that brings fear to public speaking

Fear, Public Speaking. It is debilitating and a significant reason to not move forward in careers and business. Overcoming it can be easy. Imagine yourself knowing that you never have to fear talking and sharing ideas.

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: the most effective way to overcome the fear and master the art of public speaking is through Toastmasters.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1)  It is inexpensive.  Bi annual dues to Toastmaster International is $45.00 – and then most clubs have small club dues to defray the cost of speaker ribbons, evaluation sheets, etc.

2) It is convenient.  There are Toastmaster clubs everywhere and meet at different times of the day and week.  Go to Toastmasters.org and type in the area code(s) most convenient for you and see what comes up.

3) It is supportive.  No where in the world will you find a more supportive group of folks as you start your journey of becoming a public speaker

4) It is complete.  By complete I mean Toastmasters develops skills in ALL areas of communication, not just public speaking. You develop listening skills. You develop the skills to give feedback in a way that is supportive yet constructive.

5)  Continuous learning.  A woman once remarked, “If you stay in Toastmasters until you’ve done everything the organization has to offer, you’ll never leave.”  It is just amazing how MUCH and how FAR you can go in this organization.  The choice is yours. It is all self-paced.

6) Continuous practice.  Public speaking is not like earning a college degree where once you’ve done it pretty good you have that skill forever more.  It is like playing a musical instrument.  If you don’t practice regularly, you lose the edge.

7)  Lifetime friendships.  In listening to people’s speeches, you learn about them. You come to grow and really care about your fellow Toastmasters.  Many of the dearest friends I could ever have are Toastmasters.

8) It works.  I have seen hundreds of people start their journey terrified and end up being effective communicators, powerful leaders. Many get jobs. Many get promoted. Many get mates.  All get confidence.

I wrote a 3-parter post on “Why Toastmasters ?” that expands on these reasons. You can access them here:

Why Toastmasters – Part 1
Why Toastmasters – Part 2
Why Toastmasters – Part 3

I also put together this 6 minute video of various Toastmasters answering my question, “Why Toastmasters”



I urge you to just VISIT a Toastmaster meeting or two and see for yourself.  I PROMISE you, facing and overcoming the fear of public speaking is one of the most rewarding, significant and empowering things you can do for yourself. And Toastmasters is the surest way to get you there.

Happy New Year.


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