No Bra Straps while Speaking

One of the ways to tarnish a professional appearance is to have bra straps showing or, worse, pulling them up while presenting!

In 2015, my church decided to go live stream.  Our services include an opening prayer and five-minute talk from our Practitioners (licensed professionals in affirmative prayer)  and then a 20 -25-minute talk from our Spiritual Director.  The live stream is recorded and housed on YouTube.

Aware of their broader presence as a result of appearing on video, Karen Hudson, a retired Hollywood costumer was invited to one of their meetings to conduct a workshop on dressing to connect.  Karen’s claim to fame is her name showing on the credits for every Hill Street Blues show, groundbreaking and wildly successful in the 1970s.

I was there to videotape the workshop, and with Karen’s and the Center’s permission, sharing segments with you. One of the tips Karen provided was how to use a toupee tape called  Stick-It” to keep clothing, like the stole, in place.   As Karen was talking, I thought, “Oh, man, I need that to keep my bra straps from showing.”  Sure enough, one of the participants brought up that point.  Those bra straps are a real problem.  Even if they don’t show, they slip, and I see women reach in their blouse and pull up that strap all the time – WHILE PRESENTING.  I’ve done it.  It looks tacky.   Look at the series of photos below.  Don’t I look a lot more professional without a bra strap showing?

No Bra Staps while Speaking
I did a search on Amazon for “clothing tape” and ordered “Flash Tape”  which is a body dressing tape.

Below is the short video of Karen talking about the clothing tape.


Here is link to the audio video of Karen telling her story how she went from a farm in Kansas to the Hollywood sets.

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