You are Never Done

Last week I was sorely reminded that despite the fact I’ve been speaking for 30 years – I will never be done with the need to practice.


You are Never Done With Continuous Practice

I served as the master of ceremony (Toastmaster) at the first Toastmaster meeting of the year last week.  I halted. I stumbled.  My speech was unclear.   It had only been about six weeks since the last meeting – but it was enough to affect my performance.  I was reminded of the importance of practice.

The first post of this New Year – 2015 – expounded on why I felt Toastmasters is the way to go if you are wanting to overcome the fear of public speaking and master the art of communication.  One of the reasons was continuous practice.  My experience, once again, proved the truth of my observation, of my own personal experience.

No matter what the skill – the certificate – the degree – you are never done.  Practice not only makes perfect, it helps you keep the edge. The competitive edge.


Photo Source:  Linnaea Mallette on Public Domain Pictures

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